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The General English Course will give you the skills and confidence to speak freely in English as a native speaker. Our courses focus on speaking, listening, writing, grammar, pronunciation and communication. You will get personalised support from the teachers and the team at all time.

Course In dept details

This course will help you to use English in everyday situations. The classroom consists of small groups so maximize teacher to students’ interactions. In every lesson, you will learn to use English in a different situation and exciting topics. You will be able to talk about, travel, food, history, art, culture and many more. The teacher will focus on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, listening and writing skills. Every week you will have an exciting project to complete that will help to improve your English. This course will develop your confidence to communicate in a social setting about many subjects.

Our classes are small so that teachers can spend more time with each student.

  • All course materials and resources
  • Detailed end-of-course progress report
  • Certificate of completion
Who’s it for? Am I Eligible For This Course?

This course is for all the levels. From beginners to proficiency. At the beginning of the course you will be assessed in your English and you will receive the correct classroom for your level. This English course is excellent if you are starting your English language learning journey or for those who want to improve their English for a future career, whether it is for university or job. This course allows you to receive the same experience of learning from a classroom without the need to travel.

Course Description

How is the course delivered?

All students in the group will access our virtual classrooms using the latest teaching media platforms. Which is compatible with all laptop, desktops and mobile phones.

Students will also join our Virtual Classroom platform where you can find all your class notes, e-books, homework’s, teachers’ feedback, attendance and projects all the time.

All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Course Content

  • Speaking, listening, reading and speaking activities
  • Practical grammar
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Communication strategies
  • Discussions and role-plays
  • Pronunciation
  • Social and intercultural English
  • English for work and travel
  • Modern British culture
  • Media, news and views
  • Films and other arts
After the course you will be able to:

By the end of the course you will:

  • Have improved your listening skills
  • Be more confident when you speak
  • Be able to ask questions and participate in conversations
  • Be able to use English more effectively in a range of situations
  • Be able to correct your own mistakes

Everything you will learn on this course is practical, and you will be able to practise your new skills and fluency during role-play of real-life scenarios.

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