Zurich Elite Business School (ZEBS) has been extremely successful in providing top European corporations with its graduates. 95% of ZEBS graduates receive a job directly after graduating from ZEBS (top 20 worldwide). In average they receive 4-5 job offers upon graduation.

Average salaries of ZEBS graduates belong to the Top 50 worldwide in different industry sectors or have been successful in building up their own start-ups.

On completion of this course, students have the opportunity to progress in an international career in Oil & Gas Management. Zürich Elite Business School Degree is a World-class, internationally accredited MBA degree.

The unique Personal and Professional Development gain from studying with ZEBS is customised to the development of one`s own soft skills and enables participants to improve specific skills that are essential to successful management and effective leadership.

Students have the opportunity to apply newly acquired knowledge in the workplace through project-based work and a chance to improve teamwork and management skills through team-oriented case studies.